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Sue Krebs

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Sue at her carving.
Sue Krebs

Sue Krebs lives in the country near Oxford, Ohio, and has been a wood carver for 11 years. She teaches wood carving at the Senior Citizens Center in Oxford, Ohio.

She demonstrates in the primitive woman's camp showing primitive food preparation, native herbs, use of natural utensils and cooking methods. Sue demonstrates burning out wood burls to make bowls.

Sue is Statutory Agent for the Miami Valley 1700--1865 Reenactors Company. She portrays a Native of late 1700s era and serves as a Grandmother teaching children the ways of living. Sue’s husband, Ken, gives Sue great support for her efforts for our organization.

Her son, Roger and his friend Sharon are learning about history and will become part of our group. Her granddaughter, Wendy and husband Doug, are also learning and will be part of the group as well.



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