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Miami River Days
September 08, 09, 2007

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Sarah and T. George Ritter and Oren
Sarah and T                                         George Ritter and Oren

Balloons for Sale Charleen
Ballons For Sale                                            Charleen

All Nations Drum Flute Music
All Nations Drum                                            Flute Music

Grass Dancer Chief Jesse
Grass Dancer                                                 Chief Jesse

Hawk Throwing Three Whales
Hawk Throwing                                                  Three Whales

Noah, Reanna, Isaya Good Time By All
Noah, Reanna, Isaya                                                Good Time By All

Paul Wannemacher Mike Carr
Paul Wannemacher                               Mike Carr


Miami River Days

River Days came off, well-better than I hoped in fact --Less than the normal amount of quibbling and things going wrong. Most of the vendors said that they did all right, the camp area was rough and extremely uneven --so was the dance circle – The rain was not all that bad and helped to cool things off some-----

Head Veteran George Ritter was above and beyond the call of duty—Thank you George
Mark Fritsch moved heaven and earth to make this event possible -- he is a sparkplug!
Tom Netz did an excellent job as MC/ Arena director –you can be smooth Tom.
Kosia with her pit firing of pottery was a favorite of those that know enough to be interested and she had a blast –thanks Mouse.
Ruann Wilks saved my bacon at least twice this weekend –Thanks Ru for feeding the entire camp twice–helping with packing.
Charleen made soap and made it look good –thanks for being there.
Donna and Susan were a joy as always to camp with.
Scott was pounding iron even though he has a full and more than full schedule in the “Real World.”
Tina came and helped when she could –thank you lady!

Paul as usual had a line a hundred yards long for the Tomahawk Toss –Thanks for all your help Paul in setting up and digging holes.
Little Cliff as usual was looking “Pretty” also Nice New Tent Cliff, and he helped when we needed it.
Shadow and his Lady were great –he help lead and coordinate the Sunday attack on the Civil War Group –His Lady Lydia celebrated her birthday with us – yes Shannon you are cute and thanks for dancing with your mom at the dance honoring her birthday—and other times also!
Ron was our Head Male Dancer –took a lot of Courage to try something new and skill to do it well –Big Heart.
Lame Elk made bread and helped out where it was needed = good man.
Christina This young lady made a set of major moves this event –she stepped up to Head Woman Dancer and got to use her own tent for the first time at an event with us.

Sarah as always started fires and helped anywhere she could –also this was the first event that her family did primitive camping with us. Isayah is the perfect whirlwind of energy and keeps us all moving..
Noah danced as Head Youth and Grass dancer –looked good spinning and twirling—good future here.
Jennifer and Oren –Oren Danced and was most impressive.
Jenn helped to keep things moving and was valuable helping out where needed –Can not forget Reanna the Dancing Baby!!!
Debbie and Randy- Debbie got to dance all she wanted for once, Randy looked good and their camp was a model of what a primitive camp should be –Thank you for being there.
Rodger and Cherokee were a big help and I appreciate all that they did -----Rodger danced well.

Sue held the Woman’s camp down, cooked to feed us, dance as much as possible and was the glue that held things together some times –One of the many unsung heroes is her husband Ken –he is a huge help setting up and tearing down.
Linn and his son helped and danced and were there when they were needed!
Sharon from Athens –a woman of much courage and fortitude –thanks for being there.
Robert and Ritchie Kirby for their help and time spent at our camp.

There is no doubt a lot of people I have missed and a lot of things done that were needed and are going unnoticed.
The drums were “The Southern Singers “and “All Nations” different styles but both with a good heart and good sound.
Mark Banks and his crew also were instrumental in the attack on the Union forces –We could not have pulled it off without your men.
John Spotted Horse and his people made a long trek and arrived on time and did well –Bouncy beat and a lot of heart .

People that were in our area.

Omope Carter Daboiku and her daughter spent the weekend with us –great story teller –good person.
John DeBoer and Raven-- John sounds good and she is the beauty of the pair----outstanding beading also.
Sunflower –Impressed me –plays the flute and sets up her tipi –good heart with a kind and gentle soul.
Mike Carr –fiddles about and sings –good man to know.
Charles Perdue –Charles came with his outstanding flutes and his daughter
Phil and Ann Case --- Good tunes and good people.

Also not to be forgotten is Mat “Too Tall” A true High Land Heathen!
Oh yes, Gene Fannin and his wife came –Gene and his wife danced and looked good – Thanks to both of you.
(Still got some flint for you Gene.)
Dave and Patty brought their children for the day. Thank you for coming..
Cherokee Mother also did a walk through with her family.

For the ones that could not make it –do not worry there will be other events, different times and places and if we all work together they will all be good. Special Thanks to Rev. Jessie Banks for his being there and his prayers!

As usual the Bear lay around and over ate < the mangy beast> Sharon’s main job was to keep him from foaming at the mouth and behaving like an animal. A lot of her time was spent trying to find him and keep him on the road to recovery.



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