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Glossary of words used in the 1800s.

A yearly payment.
For example, as part of the Treaty of Greenville, the American
government would give the Natives $9,500 every year in goods.
The Indians were to decide how the goods would be divided between them.

Fulling Mill:
A water powered mill for creating wool fabric.

Linsey Woolsey:
A course sturdy fabric of wool and linen or cotton.

Log Rolling:
A gathering that brought the people from far and near to lend
a helping hand in building the new log house.
Log rollings were always a great frolic.

The act of assembling or gathering for military purposes.

Baskets often carried on the back of an animal or the shoulders of a person.

A lawyer who handles petty cash.

Puncheon floor:
A wooden floor created from upright logs punched into the dirt.

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